The Boogie Tribe

Logistic Producer

Coming from the world of extreme sports, and having cut their teeth in global media houses, members of the Boogie Tribe bring to the table their expertise in brand strategy, copy-writing, art direction, design, film direction, musical composition, sound design, UX design, publishing, and event production. Comfortable in all terrains, we love to work in far-flung corners of the planet, whether to shoot a promotional short, documentary film, or to organise an event. As digital nomads, we work remotely and make ourselves physically available when necessary. In order to maximise budgets and efficiency, we make use of our local talent networks in the country of production when possible.

we are all digital nomads

Comfortable in all terrains, we love to work in the far-flung corners of the Earth

Our international productions generate connections and discoveries that leave our clients with unforgettable memories.